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By | June 6, 2017

Skype for MacTechnology has changed our lives in many ways. It has transformed our life drastically. Who would have thought that with ever-growing enhancement in technology comes something very special which is invaluable. Technology haven’t just upgraded our lifestyle but also over many years it has proved in bridging the distance between our families, friends and our loved ones with whom we want to stay in tough till the last breath.

In this era of development people are so busy in constructing their own future, shaping it, securing it that no one has time to travel thousands of kilometre just to visit their family on a regular basis just to know how they feel, how much they have changed since the last time we saw them. But does this stop us from being a responsible person for our family? No, it don’t and it ever won’t. With technology now also comes a bridging element which just not connects our hearts to our loved ones but also gives us a chance to virtually see them, talk to them, and know how they feel and how they are. Isn’t it beautiful to remain in touch with your family and friends even after staying thousands of kilometres away from them?

skype for mac

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Technology now just don’t stand for allowing us to accomplish our work in no time and without spending much energy rather it was previously blamed for widening the distance between our loved ones and between older and younger generation. But like always technology this time too came up with the ways to shorten the distance between our loved ones and connects our older generation to our younger generation like never before. With the development of applications which allows us to communicate with our acquaintances and feeling their every emotion, life has also improved ethically.

In this article we will talk about one such application i.e. Skype and how it is better than other such applications, it’s some important features, requirements for downloading skype, how to download skype for mac PC or Laptop and lastly how to use skype. So let’s start with its introduction first.

What is Skype and how it is better than other such applications?

Skype is a videotelephony application which offers free skype to skype voice calling and video calling over your data plan and skype to phone calls are charged via debit-based user account called Skype Credit. You can also text your dear ones through skype and exchange digital documents such as images, videos etc. over skype. It also serves educational purposes. It is available in many languages. It is available in android, windows, blackberry and mac computers. It works in all the version of Mac OS.

Unlike most of videotelephony applications Skype is free. Skype allows group conferencing which most of apps fails to do. You can do one-on-one video call or a group call depending on your desire. If you are already taking a call and someone else calls you and you receive his/ her call then the previous call will be ended automatically.

Skype also allows you to connect a single e-mail address to many operating system devices which supports skype so when someone call you on skype then all the devices connected to your account starts ringing.

Due to its special features and services which skype provides it is very popular in our youth. It let you stay in touch with your family and friends. If you ever go low in main balance of your phone you can always use skype as it is free.

Some key features of Skype:

  • Skype is a free videotelephony app.
  • Send messages to skype user for free over your data plan.
  • Voice calling and video calling with skype user over your data plan only.
  • Call directly anyone not on skype with standard charges applicable.
  • Record your favourite moment and share it over skype.

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Download Skype for Mac PC, Laptop on Mac OS X Device

Requirements for downloading skype on Mac PC/ laptop:

  • Work with all the version of Mac OS.
  • 100MB free disk space is required.
  • Headset and microphone recommended.
  • Webcam should be connect to desired PC/ Laptop.
  • 1GHz Intel processor is needed.
  • Internet bandwidth of atleast 512 kbps is required.

By following these simple steps mentioned below you can enjoy the free services that skype offers. But you need to Download Bluestacks emulator already installed on your system so that you can now download Skype for Mac Laptop:

  • Open Bluestack emulator and type ‘Skype’ on the search bar and search for it.
  • After getting the result, click on the legal and authentic skype app and click on the install button.
  • It may take few seconds to few minutes in completing the installation process.
  • Once the installation is completed you can double click on the skype app in the app section of bluestack emulator and start using

How to use Skype?

New to skype? No problem. Just go through the information provided below.

  • Open up the skype app, sign up page will pop up. If you have previously registered to skype just type your Skype username/ e-mail address/ phone number (if you have more than one account on that particular e-mail address then select the one you want to use) and your password on respected areas and you haven’t already registered for Skype than sign up for it.
  • Once you signed in, you can sync your contacts with your phonebook and call them on skype if they have registered too or call them directly through skype with standard calling rates.
  • The main screen of skype consist of four buttons- contacts, recent, call buttons and profile. Contact tab has all the contacts which are registered on skype. Recent tab shows your activity. Call tab will let you call anyone on skype for free or not registered with skype with standard charges applicable. Profile tab will let you modify your information. And there is also one setting button where you can modify your notification setting or change IM options.
  • To make a phone call or video call, tap that person’s contact whom you wish to call in contact list and then click on the video call/ phone icon.

I hope these information will make your experience with skype even better.

Skype for Mac, PC, Laptop | Download on Mac OS & Windows Device
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