Psiphon Apk Download Free For Android [Latest Version]

By | June 7, 2017

Psiphon apk is one of the best applications for those android users who wish to access the few restricted, blocked or unauthorized websites while browsing the internet. It is one of the best tools for those people who get annoyed or irritated due to the constrained browsing on the web. It can be also termed as an open-source web browser whose objective is to outsmart the censorship that millions of users face while trying to access certain websites whose content is blocked. When you download and run the application, you will be automatically connected to the Psiphon APK servers which guarantee you the access via proxy networks to any site on the web without the danger of being caught in the process.

Developed and maintained by Psiphon Inc., the application is built to securely bypass the content filtering systems used by the government agencies of several countries to impose censorship on the internet. The application completely supports the android devices and is made up of three separate systems having the same basic function. A 3.X system which is a cloud based run time tunnelling system, a 2.X which is a secure proxy system and a 1.X which is Psiphon’s original home based server software that was released back in 2004 by the Citizen Lab.

Psiphon Apk For Android Download


Psiphon 3 is an incredible Android application which is being downloaded and used by millions of users all over the globe. The app assists the users to acquire access and consent to make use of the restricted or blocked sites over the web. The location of the user browsing the internet doesn’t matter; the app will help you acquire the access to the blocked or restricted websites.

The application attempts to be the first alternative contradiction of any sort of restrictions that may be present anywhere and at any time that happens.  Internet control is fundamentally illegal and an unconcealed contempt for the essential human rights of the citizens of any country. Psiphon makes available the online arrangement to assist and help the massive user base which is restricted to the internet use by the interference of the government.

Psiphon APK Features:

  • The application is completely free for personal use.
  • The app provides genuine and reliable access to the blocked websites.
  • The app is easy to download and install with no registration, subscription or configuration required to set it up.
  • The app supports automatic selection of protocols to provide effective and reliable circumvention every time.
  • The inapp stats tracker lets you view the amount of data traffic used by you.
  • One of the best featured VPN.
  • The app has a browser or VPN mode to choose whether to tunnel everything or just the web browser.
  • The application is an open source app which is used by a number of users worldwide.

How to Download Psiphon APK for Android

Psiphon Inc. had initially rolled out this amazing application for the android operating systems. The Psiphon application is available to the android users on Google Play Store which can be directly downloade 3d onto the Android devices. However, if you don’t want to download the app from the play store then you can download and install the Psiphon application on your android devices using the Apk file. The following guide will help you download the app using Apk file.


  • The initial step will be to download the Apk file from the internet.
  • Once you get the Apk file, you can move it to the SD card of your Android device.
  • Now open the file manager on your device to browse the Apk file.
  • Click it open and then click on “next” and them “install”.
  • The application will be installed within few seconds.
  • Now you can find the Psiphon app on your home screen and access it to browse anything and everything available on the internet.

Download and Install Psiphon on PC:

There are a number of methods to download any given Android app on your on your computer. Given that the Psiphon is an Android app, we must follow one of the best processes for downloading and installation app which is by using an Android Emulator Software.

An Android Emulator Software works similar to media player software with a difference that it allows users to run various Android apps on their computer devices.


For this process, we would suggest you to use one of the best Android Emulator namely Bluestacks Android Emulator. Download the Bluestacks Android Emulator on your device and then install it. The next step is to download Psiphon Apk file on your computer. Then double click on the Apk file and follow the installation process. Once completed, the Psiphon app will be installed on your device within few seconds. You can now enjoy using the app as it has its own browsing menu to access anything on the internet.

A Brief look of the App:

Once you have installed the app, click it open and start using it. The app has quite a simple user interface with a number of tabs available on the home panel. The app works exactly like your web browser and connects you with the Psiphon servers to access anything and everything on the internet.

  1. The first tab is the home tab with the client version and server connection status mentioned on it. The logo of the app changes its colour when the device is connected or when the connection is turned off.
  1. The second tab shows the in app stats indicating the data usage and traffic generated using the Psiphon. It shows separate details for sent and received data using the Psiphon.
  1. The third tab displays available options to tunnel the device.
  1. The fourth tab displays the logs. The device connection status, tunnel mode, the VPN mode status are all displayed here on this tab.
Psiphon Apk Download Free For Android [Latest Version]
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