6 Best Flashlight Apps for Android & iOS Smartphones

By | May 29, 2017

Flashlight Apps for Android and iOS: The flashlight applications that are fundamentally published to give clients a chance to utilize mobile’s flash sensors as light, may be furtively recording your delicate individual data – including area of the smartphone, substance of the instant messages, and additionally points of interest of the proprietor and contact, and offering it to statistical surveying and promoting organizations for following client’s propensities. There is additionally a decent probability that these applications were created by awful personalities keeping in mind the end goal to exploit your information.

flashlight apps for android and ios

In this article I will briefly explain you on top flashlight apps available for android and iOS.

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Flashlight Apps for Android & iOS Devices:

1. Torch- Tiny Flashlight


It is a torch application which uses your LED or flash or your device screen as a flashlight. Well, it is basically a LED light which also has many other useful screen mode. It has a lots of plugins such as Morse code, Colour Light, Blinking light and Strobe Light inside this tiny flashlight. All of these specifications of it makes it a best productivity tool installed in your device as this flashlight doesn’t only serves the purpose of a flashlight but can be used as a disco lightening for various parties and all the occasion. This all you will get in only one application and that is this ‘Torch- Tiny flashlight’ which is available basically in android Google App Store. It is available all the time you need it. Also, the best use of it is that it uses you device battery as less as it could. The LED torch of it is insanely bright. It is used in emergency situations and also has some more other additional features like Warning Lights.

2. Flashlight by iHandy Inc.

It is basically available in Apple App Store which has got all five stars from its users on both old as well as new version of this flashlight. It has a great, elegant, intuitive and very attractive user interface design and is extremely popular among iPhone users because it offers so many features which is unique to it. The LED flashlight as claimed by its developed is the brightest LED till date and that’s why it is the best app ever. The LED flashlight along with being bright is fast and very simple too. The strobe mode of this application comes with 10 different frequencies and also with an in-built SOS signal. This app features built-in mini-map which can be accessed through taping on the compass, it is always on and guide you in the time of complete darkness. This is a very unique feature of this application and this hence justifies the 5 stars it has got from its users. This app is for free but you can obviously upgrade it to the pro version by spending 99 cents.

3. Light by JZ LABSlight 2

This is an apple app store application. This has a very attractive and very elegant user interface design. If you will use it you will automatically praise the look of this app. Even the app icon in your app section looks beautiful, it is not over-designed as well as not under-designed. It has some great features like if you will launch the app the flashlight will be on by its own by default.  There is a big graceful icon to power on or off the light along with a mode selector switch. Double tapping on the screen will lock the screen and prevent it from further touches and taps as it ignore all of them except an another double tap which will eventually unlock the screen. Some apps also features some annoying ads but this app gets completely ad free after its upgradation by spending some money on it. This app also features strobe as well as SOS options and also you can alter the options through manually marking or demarking the option in the settings of this application.

4. Torch by Mobile Apps Inc.

It is an android app which allows you to turn your smartphone into a bright flashlight. It has the ability to convert you device into an LED torch flashlight. The LED flashlight is bright, fast and very handy. The user interface of this application is also very attractive, elegant and easy. This app needs the permission of the camera of your device to open the flashlight of the device. This app comes with a lot of features, some of them are strobe or blinking mode and this comes with a very sensitive frequency controller. It has a built-in SOS feature for signalling. Just like a normal torch which you used to carry for lightening it has a very continent switch to on and off the flashlight of your device.

5. Super- Bright LED Torchsuperbright

This application is an android application which has over 100 million downloads and also has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 which makes it one of the most popular flashlight application available in Google App Store. This app comes with an easy and very elegant user interface. This also features some very stunning graphics which makes it one of the most beautiful torch application in android market. It claims to have the brightest torch with super bright LED flashlight. You can even swipe left or right wherever you want to adjust strobe or blinking lightening which a sensitive frequency controller. It also comes with a feature where you can control the sound of this application. This application is totally free.

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6. Flashlight- LED Torch Light by ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc.

This application is basically available in Google App Play Store which has over 10 million download in Google app store with a rating of 4.7 out of 5. This application has a very simple user interface that you will fall in love while experiencing this application on your very own device. This app has the ability to turn your device’s LED camera flash into a very fast and super bright flashlight on which you can easily have access through some very simple and few taps. This app comes with three different modes of lightening and you can very easily customise the screen light of your device possible only through this app installed on your android device. It can use your camera LED light or even screen light for flashlight, whatever you prefer.  You have an option of three different frequencies to choose for flashing and also sending SOS signals whenever required. You can switch on or off the power button of the torch flashlight over the blink of an eye.

6 Best Flashlight Apps for Android & iOS Smartphones
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