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By | May 8, 2017

Pokemon for iPhoneWe all like to play games on our smart phones. Gaming has been a very entertaining thing for us. We play it to kill time or just to get entertained. Some even play with the dedication and passion to achieve the highest score. There are millions of games available for smart phones whether it is android, iOS, windows and blackberry. Most games available in these smart phones platforms are highly rated.

But for some PC gamers it is very hard for them sometimes to play games on their phones when the game they play on their PC is not available for their smart phones.

Today we will talk about those games and how you can download and install them on your iPhones. With some tricks and hacks it is possible to play those games on your iPhones. We will be specifically talking about a Nintendo game called “Pokemon”.


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Pokemon is a very famous game for Nintendo players. There are many versions of pokemon games on Nintendo like Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, pokemon picross, pokemon tournament and pokemon super mystery dungeon etc. All these games can be played on Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Nintendo gamecube and wii. Pokemon games for Nintendo is not officially available on apple app store but don’t worry we will tell you about how you can get it on your iPhone later in this article.pokemon on iphone

Many iPhones users like to play heavy and light games on their iPhones. Around 50% of iPhones users play games and download a new game every month. In iPhones all the games works perfectly without any lag and problem. But still there are some games which are not available for iPhones yet. As we said before Pokemon for Nintendo is not officially available for iOS app store yet. The developers of Nintendo and Pokemon have not created the game for iOS platform. Therefore we are going to use other methods to work this thing.

Your iPhones need to be Jail break to download and install Pokemon game on your iPhone. But in this article we will also tell you how you can download and install Pokemon on your iPhones.

How to Download Pokemon on iPhone without Jailbreak:

You will need an android emulator on your iphone to play pokemon for Nintendo. You have to change the date & timeof your iPhones. You can change the date & time by going to the settings> Date & time> Set Automatically. Toggle off the “Set Automatically” portion. Now set back the date & time to one month.

Now you need to install an emulator. You need to download NDS4iOS emulator to run Nintendo games. NDS4iOS Emulator can be downloaded on

 Here are the steps to download NDS4iOS emulator

  1. Go to iEmulator official website using safari browser.
  2. Now go to the NDS4iOS emulator and tap on the download link. If you are using iOS version 7 or 8 or above tap on “download NDS4iOS 2.0.x” button. If you are using iOS version 6 tap on download “NDS4iOS 1.6.2” button.pokemon on iphone
  3. After taping on download it will start downloading on your iPhone and it will be downloaded within a few minutes.
  4. Now install NDS4iOS Emulator on your iPhone.
  5. NDS4iOS emulator will be available on your home screen. You can tap on it to open the emulator.

Now you need to download the Pokemon Roms. There are thousands of roms available on the internet. These Roms can be run on NDS4iOS emulator and you can play them on your iPhone. So you have to look for the pokemon Roms and download it.

Here are the steps to Download Pokemon Rom

  1. Open safari browser and search for Pokemon Roms for iOS.
  2. You will get a bunch of results to download the rom. CoolROMs is a great site to download Roms so if you can get it there you should visit the website.
  3. Enter the site where you can download the pokemon Rom.
  4. Tap on the download button and start downloading pokemon rom on your iPhone.
  5. After the rom will successfully downloaded n your iphone tap on it and it will ask for an app in which you can run it. Select NDS4iOS emulator.
  6. The Pokemon rom will run on your iPhone with the help of NDS4iOS emulator.
  7. You can also set back the time & date to normal once the Emulator is opened.

Now we will talk about how to download and install pokemon game for Nintendo on your iPhone with the jailbreak. You don’t even have to mess up with your date & time in the Jailbreak method.

Jailbreak allows you to use those apps which are not even available on apple store.

You have to launch Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone. Cydia is a package manager of Jailbreak system. This manager allows you to run the apps that are not available for iPhones and you can also tweaks your system to customize your device.

You need to download GBA4iOS to run the games which are not available for your iphones. You can easily get GBA4iOS in the cydia app. You can easily search for “GBA4iOS” and start downloading it.

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Here are the steps to download “GBA4iOS”

  1. Open Cydia app and search for GBA4iOS.
  2. Select GBA4iOS and tap on the download button and tap on confirm button to start downloading it on your iPhone.
  3. GBA4iOS will be available on your home screen after you will download it.

Now look for the Pokemon Roms and install it just like you did in the “without Jailbreak” method. Open the Rom with GBA4iOS and you will be able to play Pokemon on iPhone.

So that was how you can play pokemon and other Nintendo games on your iPhones.

Download Pokemon on iPhone – Pokemon App for iOS
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