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By | June 22, 2017

If you are using an Android phone and you are looking for an alternative version of Google play store in the Android marketplace, then there is an app called Aptoide apk. At some point, you must have heard about the Aptoide app which is used for downloading Android apps in Android devices. If you are wondering how the apk is used, then it is very easy and simple to use it. We are going to give you complete guide which will help you to learn more about this Aptoide APK, what it is about, and how it is installed. This app supports all type of Android Smartphones and devices.

Apart from Google play store and Aptoide app, no other services had provided amazing apps and games in the marketplace and only through this app you will find the latest versions of Android apps and games of 2016. Some times you may have faced some issues after rooting your Android smartphone when you are unable to download anything from Google Play store. In that situation, Aptoide can work as the perfect alternative to Google Play store which offers thousands of useful apps without any registration.

So, here you will learn about the features of Aptoide apk and ways to download Aptoide apk:

Features of Aptoide Apk:

What happens in Google play store? You create an account, search the apps and games to install it on your phones but those things do not happen in Aptoide, it is way more simpler without creating an account. Let’s hear about the features of Aptoide apk:

  • Applications are absolutely free, near about 64700 apps.
  • Used in Android as well as tablets gives malware apps.
  • In all versions of Android is available.
  • You Can create and sell application in the market.
  • Availability and support of 17 languages.
  • Notification of latest updates to users.
  • Latest games for game lovers and it has a general public license.

So, these are some features which you will get after downloading and using Aptoide APK on your smartphone. After sharing the features let’s now hear how the app is downloaded or installed. Aptoide is another competition of Google play store, on many occasions, it happens that people are having a problem while accessing Google play store and can not install the entire app that they are looking for.

In that case, you can choose Aptoide, the alternative version of Google play store and your problem will be solved. And on our this article we will be providing the easy tutorial for downloading the apk both for Android and PC as well in a simple way so that you can understand and use it on our smartphones and PC. Let’s check out the guide below:

Aptoide Apk for Android:

Three easy steps to download the apk:

  • First of all, you need to download the Aptoide file, in order to download the apk file you need to do a search on Google with the term “Aptoide APK”, after that you will see many sites coming up on the results from which you need to choose any legit site and download the Aptoide apk file. Make sure the APK file is latest and updated one.
  • You need to change your security and a setting as it is a third party application by going through the given link- Settings> Security> Enable “Unknown Resources”.
  • Then click download and install the Aptoide APK on your device.
  • After installing your apk on your device, you need to copy the file, once you copied the file, you will get the message on your device and then click ‘yes’ to install.
  • After you have completed the stepwise installation, you shall see the latest trending apps and game versions.

So, after we have shared you the easy tutorial steps of how to download the Aptoide app on your device I hope you have downloaded it correctly and got the best app play store. This apk can also be used for PC as well.

Download Aptoide Apk for PC:

In order to download many apps and games we need a high-speed internet and have to create an account in Google store but in Aptoide we don’t need any account. After reading the tutorial on how to download the apk for Android use let’s hear about the Aptoide use for PC. You Aptoide can be used on PC. If you heard about Android emulator and using Android apps, then you can use Aptoide and have fun with the long list if apps right on the big screen of your desktop or laptop. Follow the below-mentioned steps to learn how to download Aptoide on your PC and use it:

Note: Bluestacks is an android emulator which helps your PC to run Android apps easily. There are many alternatives available of Bluestacks, but this is most recommended and trusted emulator for Windows PC.


As I said earlier, you need to download and install Bluestacks on your PC in order to run Android Apps and games. You can download and install Bluestacks from their official site. It will not take much time if the internet speed is good enough.


After installing the Bluestacks on your PC, you need to download the Aptoide APK file and open it using Bluestacks. Make sure the site is genuine from where you are downloading the Aptoide app as there are many sites present with fake apk’s.


Next, you can open the app using Bluestacks and enjoy a range of apps right on your PC.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to download Aptoide right on your Android smartphone and on your PC as well. I hope now you are going download and enjoy the Aptoide and more useful apps easily.

NOTE: Aptoide is just an alternative of Google Playstore. There are many fake and scammy sites who provide fake and malware containing apps which may harm your smartphone and PC’s system. So, be careful while downloading any app from unknown sites.

So, this is the end of this article and I hope this article/guide was helpful for you and you are going share this article for sure. If you have any question or doubt you can let us know using the comment box below.

Aptoide APK for Android, Windows PC | Aptoide App Download
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